Fashion photography

Here is a picture of me with my natural hair ahhhhh! haha I usually straighten it but I started liking it curly aswell I decided I wanted to embrace myself more, here im posing in Birmingham for my art module at university, hope you gain a lot of fashion inspiration aswell as photography inspiration from this blog.

To the amazing people who viewed my blog in just two days of me being on wordpress, thankyou!   I’m currently reviewing all my fashion and photography inspirations as ive changed the approach of how I want to present my blog to you. I have also been researching  Image internet copyright  what I can use and what I could get SUED for using its rare but it still happens I found a previous bloggers words of advice check it out. I would encourage all bloggers to look into it and protect yourself from the same ordeal the blogger in this link went through. This is for those who like myself forgot to look into copyright because I got so blogger happy hehe, hope it helps.

By  Paolo Neoz

By  Paolo Neoz

By  Paolo Neoz

Great use of light and shadow, simply beautiful.


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