A late movie night with my family, a late night chat and laugh fest with a good friend who is now fast asleep on the sofa bed whilst I vacate to my room, turn on the lights, get cosy in my turquoise coloured duvet, and flip open my lap top. I know what I want to do check emails, listen to you tube songs, and take another look at my new fave photographer. Elena Kalis is one of my favourite photographer’s she is creative, imaginative, and I’m totally a new fan, her pictures are utterly mesmerizing I contemplate about how beautiful her photos are curled up nice and warm in my bed with my strawberry tea. I hear autumn leaves rustling outside my window it sounds like Paphos (Cyprus) ocean (I breathe in a contented deep sigh) good memories ,there is suddenly a knock at my door. I whisper as clearly as I can in order not to wake my family up at such early hours : ”come in” its my fellow night owl, Casey, so I share with her my new photography Icon.

Casey is in awe of the photos and in an instant shares her thoughts with me, that’s it, mission accomplished, she’s converted. She stays in my room half an hour and is back on the sofa bed asleep and me, well, I will sleep easy after all its 5:16 am, but what a great night quality time with everyone.

Elena Kalis is the one that originally owns and created theses photographs I have no affiliation with them:

Alice In Water Land by photographer Elena Kalis

Alice In Waterland by photographer Elena Kalis

Sailor Mars by Elena Kalis

Alice In Waterland by photographer Elena Kalis

Alice In Waterland by photographer Elena Kalis

Rhianne by Elena Kalis

By Elena Kalis

By Elena Kalis

Autumn by Elena Kalis

One word, stunning.  ❤


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