First and foremost thanks for stopping by, my name is Rebecca im irrevocably in love with photography, fashion, music, baking, creative writing, song writing,and interior design. I would feel lost without my little conquests as I really enjoy them. I also have a gypsy heart I love anything to do with travel and can’t wait to travel some more (as always), exploring different parts of the world and experiencing different cultures is so beautiful Im obsessed with turning the pages of culture to see what each country brings fashion wise and traditionally. I’m a creative arts student and hope to teach music and english in the near future. In my spare time I like to surround myself with family and friends whether its day time shopping, concerts, or late night movie marathons with friends/family. Lately I have tried my baking skills (Nigella, I contemplate, wishing I was as good as her at baking haha). However, family and friends have said my cooking and baking is pretty good (relieved every time they tell me, practice does make perfect, thankfully).

Singing on the choir is so much fun, we tour around the UK and sing genres such as: gospel, jazz, acoustic, I feel really blessed to be able to do what I love, and hopefully soon as it’s in our plans and looks like it’s about to be a reality, we will get paid for it! my ultimate dream come true 🙂

I can see myself living in the country side or by the beach surrounded by friends and my future partner and maybe three or four babies, me singing in an Agency, blogging, and teaching, utter bliss. My fave place to visit so far is Cyprus I considered living there preferably Paphos or Larnaca (maybe). I even researched into teaching jobs and salaries there plus the cost of living etc but time will tell, that’s what I love about life it’s never to predictable.

In my blog worldfullofbeauty you will find a compilation of fashion trends, product information, photography, and journal excerpts of my travels.

Again, thanks for visiting my site (I say with an appreciative smile on my face)

Peace and love x


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