Photos are memories captured, art, stories told and untold, interesting, and can really pull you in, there are many forms of photography such as fashion photography (of which I am a fan), story telling photography which is a series of photos related to a single subject, theme, or adventure. I love all these things about photography the way you can hold onto memories forever and never forget them, they are yours forever in your hands. They hold emotion, laughter, love,fun, passion, adventure, and all the in between they capture moments in our life by the click of a button. An amazing invention of which I will be forever grateful. Photos document our lives, I love looking back in our family album of the good times I had with my two brothers, family members and their big smiles, my beloved father who was my best friend and will always be an inspiration he taught me to respect, love, and believe in myself.

I find myself in awe of how so much beauty can be captured in a photograph, I found myself clicking away taking lots of pictures whilst exploring Cyprus with family and friends. Loving the way the palm trees swayed, capturing the movement of children playing and smiling at us, such a lovely atmosphere in Paphos, but the best part is apart from souvenirs, I have a ton of pictures to remember it all.

Until next time Cyprus.


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